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Welcome to, your number one resource in stock exchange markets,Binary Options, Crypto Trading and multinational companies shares trading. At Investments Management LLP, we are driven by a single-minded passion and purpose to become the global leading expert in the stocks markets and to make a visible difference in people’s financial lives.

We are Trained Experts & Professionals On Cryptocurrency Trading & Exchange, Binary Trading Options, Stock Brokers Managements, Forex Trading, Brokers Account Management, Brokerage Services to Binary Traders and Blockchain Mining.

Asia-Trading Investments Management LLP 亞盟金融投資有限公司 is a global fixed income specialist firm located in Hong Kong with affiliated entities in Greenwich, CT; Hong Kong; and Tokyo. The firm manages absolute return, enhanced fixed income Investments, volatility and tail risk strategies.

Asia-Trading Investments Management LLP 亞盟金融投資有限公司 Founded in 2018 in Central Hong Kong by THE FINEX ASIA CORPORATIONS, Licensed in Hong Kong Under SFC( SECURITES & FEATURES COMMISSION ), FINRA & SIPC. we have grown with the stock exchange markets, Binary Trading and Crypto-currency Trading Firms and have been there to chronicle the growth of global economy. Starting off just as a Trading Corporations that began by offering end-of-day stock prices, we have grown today to become a company that focuses on a set of principles and quality services that is comparable with the highest standards over the world. Our net asset values now more than 50 million USD. We are targeting to become a billion dollar company by the year of 2020. We need more enthusiast shareholders from around the globe.

Today we are a global firm with affiliated entities in Greenwich, Connecticut; Hong Kong; Jersey and Tokyo. We manage absolute return, enhanced fixed income and tail risk strategies for a diversified group of investors worldwide; primarily sovereigns, institutions and financial intermediaries. Our managing partner, Yan Huo and the core investment team were members of the J.P. Morgan proprietary trading group based in New York and London, and have focused on interest rate markets since 1996. Over many years, individual members of the team have refined discretionary trading and risk management techniques and they have navigated through all major market crises including 1998 and 2008.

Through a combination of global talent, and advanced research and technology, we seek to identify market opportunities where we perceive the firm has a competitive advantage.

Asia-trading investment management offers a profitable investment solutions . Our primary focus is on rapid growth market with an emphasis on Bitcoin, Perfect Money and other top performing cryptocurrencies. We are proud to work to the highest ethical standards of Binary Trading, Bitcoin mining and trading strategies. We are pleased to offer some of the most dynamic and high-performing trading strategies available. We have become well known in our industry and we are well respected by our peers. We are excited to serve our national and international clients. Our network in growing fast and is far reaching.

Our investment management activities are supported by an extensive operations and control infrastructure, comprising in-house teams as well as services provided by top tier business partners. We operate within a multi-faceted corporate governance framework and seek to provide a high quality of service to our clients.

As a dynamic and growing organisation we recruit for a range of roles, including experienced traders, analysts, investor relations specialists, and infrastructure and support professionals.

Whilst we have traders in all locations, our headquarters in Mayfair, London, is the hub of our infrastructure and support teams. These include finance and product control, legal and compliance, operations, technology and HR. We value the core competencies of professionalism; client and colleague focus and risk awareness which underpin our day-to-day activities. Our positive, collegial culture ensures knowledge sharing across the business, and gives our employees the chance to flourish and reach their potential in a supportive environment.

"Asia-trading Investment Management LLP” is used throughout this website to refer collectively to Asia-trading Investment Management LLP, an FCA-authorised investment manager, and its affiliated entities in Greenwich, CT, Hong Kong, Jersey and Tokyo.

"Asia-trading Investment Management LLP” has undergone official registration and works at the market on the legal basis. Check Our Licensed Certificate

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